Key achievements over the last 10 years

Our top 10 key achievements include:

  1. Introduced and defined the open data agenda setting policy and strategy; created the open data portal (now with +250 data sets working cross directorate); secured funding to drive and automate the release of data and established West Midlands Open Data Forum network to advance learning across stakeholders
  2. Supported housing and landlords services to implement the Digital by Default Universal Credit Pilot which received national accolades, facilitating channel shift and supporting them to provide digital access and skills to their tenants  
  3. Provided advice and guidance to numerous divisions within the council to develop their knowledge and awareness of digital and smart technologies, contributing to their  policies, strategies and bids
  4. Developed projects and activities with in the Council that enabled the creation of new jobs as a contribution to the totals registered by the Employment team; supported People Directorate to support carers, and those with frailty; supported public health initiatives, supported the Place Directorate
  5. Knowledge, expertise and access to external contacts to broker & support development and delivery of the Council’s transformation and ICT and digital strategy
  6. Advice, guidance and evaluation of options for directorates on deployment of digital technologies to drive efficiencies and service transformation building on best practice such as Government Digital Services e.g. the digital log that driving service efficiency in housing
  7. Develop bids and access funding to drive innovation opportunities to contribute towards achievement of directorates’ outcomes. e.g. secured over £16million for investing in the city
  8. Secure investment in Birmingham’s infrastructure development in order to future proof new and emerging service delivery opportunities e.g. open data portal, free wifi across city centre 
  9. Ensure council digital services are interoperable with alignment to and the development of common standards and platforms to leverage best value, quality and cost. e.g. development of national Publicly Available Document (PAS)
  10. Represent and respond to digital and smart city developments  on national, regional and local forums in  order to accelerate investment and funding opportunities for the city  e.g. Local Broadband Plan.