Our digital family shoppers

Despite perhaps being the more hesitant in using technology, dad Simon showed that when it comes to online shopping he is willing to take the lead. Supported by Digital Birmingham’s Mike Farmer, who is helping the digital family find their way around technology use, the 2 men set out to buy Simon’s wife Julie a bottle of Jean Paul Gaultier perfume. Mike took him through the different steps from finding the best prices to checking out reputable sites to buy from and the secure site ‘lock’ feature. It seems like he’s hooked now, with Simon keen to progress to ebay and find those ‘Cash in the Attic’ gems that he can flog online.

So the next step possibly for Simon is to see if he can prise a Sony PSP (one of the prizes that they received from BT as part of the competition) from one of the children long enough to photograph the attic objects for ebay – having a 15yr old that finds it hard to put his PSP down, I don’t envy him on this one. You can read the family’s blog and more about their exploits at Mail online. Next month they are looking at technology for communication and will be trying out their BT ToGo phone, email and VOIP (allows you to send voice calls via the internet).

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