White working class children have lowest aspirations says report

White working class children are held back by low ambition and a culture of failure, according to Birmingham MP Liam Byrne covered by Birmingham Post. Mr Byrne, minister for the cabinet office, is publishing a report which warns poor white boys have fewer ambitions than any other group, and are falling further behind in exam results.

The report said: “In some very deprived communities – often ethnically diverse, mobile, urban neighbourhoods – young people tend to have high aspirations for the future. In other areas – often traditional working class communities in ex-industrial areas – low aspirations may be preventing young people from achieving their potential.”

This is a huge turn around from a couple of years ago when Black working class boys were the focus of concern with regards to aspiration and achievement. And doesn’t digital technologies have a huge part to play in engaging young people, particularly in terms of developing their skill base and future employment opportunities and providing accessible rich content and resources to support them in their endeavours whilst recognising their differing interests and varying skill levels.

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