Is the internet changing the way governments govern?

This is a powerful piece of video that explores if the internet is changing the way we are governed, or how we govern ourselves. See what you think.

Us Now takes a look at how the internet’s capacity to create new participatory structures that could transform governance and deepen democracy. With contributions from Clay Shirky, Tom Steinberg, Matthew Taylor, MT Rainey and other foremost thinkers in the field of participative governance, Us Now, also has contributions from politicians George Osborne MP and Ed Miliband MP on the possibilities for the internet to enhance democracy.

Find out more about the film here:

All of the following contributed to the film:

Saul Albert, Giles Andrews, Lee Bryant, Alan Cox, Liam Daish, David Courtier-Dutton, Becky Hogge, William Heath, Shane Kelly, Ed Miliband, Paul Miller, George Osborne, Sophia Parker, MT Rainey, Clay Shirky, Tom Steinberg, Matthew Taylor, Don Tapscott, Mikey Weinkove.

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