Free to attend: Smart Cities Standards Strategy workshops

Smart approaches to services such as healthcare, transport, utilities and waste management have the potential to transform the efficiency and sustainability of urban communities, improving the quality of life for citizens through significant reductions in both cost of service provision and in carbon emissions.

Though a complex issue, current thinking suggests the scale of potential benefits increases if the City adopts an integrated or holistic approach to delivery.

To address these risks and ensure the technology fulfils its potential, The British Standards Institution has been commissioned by the UK Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) to formulate a Smart Cities Standards Strategy. This strategy identifies the needs and concerns of stakeholders and explores the Smart Cities concept.

Smart Cities will also create opportunities for UK businesses to establish a lead in the design, implementation and management of Smart Cities both nationally and internationally.

BIS will be holding a series of workshops, a key opportunity for you to influence the way standards might be developed to meet your needs or concerns :

1 - Those representing

users of Smart City solutions (including regulators, privacy and consumer groups, researchers, academics) – 29 May 2012

2 - Those supplying Smart City solutions (including manufacturers, system integrators, service / utility providers, consortia, consultancies, researchers, academics) – 31 May 2012

Attendance is free for everyone, but places are limited. Find out more, please click here.

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