SMEs and start-ups £25K open data competition in Crime and Justice Sector

The Open Data Institute opened last year with a mission to “catalyse an open data culture that has economic, environmental and social benefits”.

As part of its work it has recently launched its Innovation Programme. The programme will help SMEs and start-ups to work with data providers, industry experts and business leaders to develop new ways to better understand how to reuse available data sets in ways which create business opportunities.

The series of events will focus on challenges formulated by industry experts and the first of these aims to tackle three challenges in the area of Crime and Justice. These challenges ask how open data projects can be constructed that achieve one of the following:

- increase community involvement with the criminal justice system

- create further evidence for what are effective interventions for rehabilitation

- address the rise in personal crime

and at the competition weekend, planned for the end of June, the ODI will make awards of up to £8k for pre-seed investment with a single final prize of up to £25k. Additionally the successful teams will be included in the ODI Start Up Programme.

SMEs and start-ups interested in taking part in the programme should sign uphere:

For further information about the programme please feel free to contactSimon Whitehouse, the series lead for the Crime and Justice challenges at

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