Signed, sealed and delivered with a Tweet

Non-Tweeters in Birmingham can get your message via the at800 postbox

UK’s first postbox for Tweets

Last week saw the launch of 4G services from 02 and Vodafone. 4G enables mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablet PCs to access the internet at super-fast speeds and is expected to bring innovations in business, entertainment, education and public services. However, 4G mobile services at 800 MHz and digital TV operate in adjacent parts of the radio spectrum, which may mean that some viewers will experience some form of interference to their Freeview as the 4G services go live.

In order to raise awareness of the potential disruption to Freeview services, at800, the organisation responsible for ensuring viewers can still watch Freeview when new mobile signals go live, has launched the UK’s first postbox for Tweets. People can Tweet a family member or friend using the hashtag #at800postbox. at800 will print the personalised message onto a traditional postcard and deliver it by post – completely free of charge. The Postbox for Tweets is a light-hearted way to remind people where new 4G mobile services at 800 MHz are being activated and to highlight at800’s role in resolving any Freeview disruption this could cause. Birmingham is one of the cities where Tweets will be sent as it is listed as an area where 4G at 800 MHz will soon be activated.

To launch the campaign at800 took a giant postbox around the UK, and placed it in front of a number iconic landmarks – in Birmingham, it could be found outside the Bull Ring where passing shoppers could find out more about how to Tweet those not on Twitter.

How at800’s postbox for Tweets works:

  1. Check to see if the person you want to Tweet is in an eligible area here.
  2. Tweet the message you’d like to send and include the hashtag #at800postbox.
  3. Follow @at800tv so we can have a direct message (DM) conversation to privately get the recipient’s postal address.
  4. Confirm you agree to the terms and conditions.
  5. We will then print your message onto a special postcard and mail it – completely free of charge – to your friend or family member.

For more information, and how to get involved, visit

If viewers in affected areas do experience any new issues with Freeview, they should contact at800 on: 0333 31 31 800 or via www.at800tv

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