Potential freeview disruption in Birmingham

No doubt many of you will have noticed that 4G has landed in the UK, with billboards, TV screens and shop windows all heralding its arrival. The reason why this is exciting news is that 4G enables mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablet PCs to access the Internet at super-fast speeds. Importantly, this speed is expected to bring innovations in business, entertainment, education and public services – helping the UK stay competitive in an increasingly digital world.

These new 4G services have very recently launched in Birmingham and what you might not realise is that some of them operate at 800 MHz on the radio spectrum; this is next to the frequencies used by Freeview TV. This has the potential to cause a problem as TVs and set top boxes that receive Freeview can sometimes fail to block the 4G signals; meaning a small number of viewers could see some disruption to their Freeview services. This might be a loss of sound, blocky images or loss of some or all channels.

The good news is there’s help available. at800 was set up and funded by the leading UK mobile operators to fix the issue. Its role is to make sure that viewers can still watch Freeview, or are offered a suitable alternative, as 4G at 800 MHz services go live. So although the majority of viewers in Birmingham shouldn’t be affected, if they do experience new disruption to their Freeview services, they should contact at800 on:

0333 31 31 800 or 0808 13 13 800

or via www.at800.tv

Calls are charged on a national local call rate, typically included in inclusive minutes, otherwise calls from landlines are charged between 2p and 10p per minute; calls from mobiles between 10p and 40p per minute.

In most cases, the problem will be fixed with an at800 filter that is easy to plug-in and is available free of charge. It will normally plug into the lead between the TV and the aerial. For blocks of flats with shared aerials, at800 supplies specially designed communal filters. at800 also provides help to fit the filter for eligible viewers.

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