£1.1m Funding Competition Open!

Learning technologies – design for impact competition

The Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) are to invest up to £1.1m in exploratory studies into the design of technology-based products and services that will improve learning outcomes.

This SBRI competition seeks to stimulate business performance in an already vibrant education technology sector by supporting high-quality design of commercially viable products and services that can be delivered at scale while being affordable and easy to use.

For more information about the funding competition please visit: http://bit.ly/PpzVZU

The TSB, the Knowledge Transfer Network, and the Education Foundation will be running a series of knowledge sharing and partner finding workshops that will highlight the challenges and opportunities specific to the design, adoption and implementation of digital technologies in the education sector used for learning and teaching.

The sessions will signpost companies to the forthcoming SBRI £1.1m Learning Technologies: Design for Impact competition and explore how co-design will engage educators and learners at a deeper level.

A session will be held at Millenium Point on 29 April 2014. Registration and networking will open from 1:00pm and the event will start at at 2.00pm. For more info and to confirm your place click here

This event will be hosted and supported by Birmingham City University

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