SOUL-FI is a FIWARE Accelerator, funded by the European Commission within the FI-PPP ( aiming to grow web-based, innovative solutions (open data and crowd sourced data) for smarter urban life of EU citizens (topics are quality of life, mobility, resource efficiency, tourism).

SOUL-FI will provide start up funding (open calls for € 5 million grants!) and targeted support services to talented entrepreneurs for bringing new products (web based apps and services) into the market.

SOUL-FI are looking for?

  • SMEs
  • Web entrepreneurs

proposing promising innovative ideas using FIWARE Technology (, with clear social and economic value.

Why participate?

Selected projects will benefit from a targeted, free of charge accelerating programme consisting of:

  1. Dedicated grants (€10.000 for Round A call, up to €75.000 for Round B call)
  2. Open, large scale, real world testing facilities (demonstrators – Round B) for most appealing solutions
  3. Tutoring , Mentoring/ Coaching, Matchmaking/ Networking support services
  4. Fund raising support for additional financing steps

How to apply?

A fast and simple submission process via the online F6S platform

When to apply?

The open call will have three cut off dates:

  1. Round A: 31.Oct.2014; 28.Feb.2015; 26.Jun.2015
  2. Round B: 28.Feb.2015; 26.Jun.2015; 16.Oct.2015

More details about Round A

More details about Round B

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