International Congress discusses innovations in the transformation of care and wellbeing

Digital Birmingham took the lead in delivering a significant international event dealing with the application of digital technologies to innovate and redefine health, wellbeing and care systems, to tackle social exclusion and health inequalities as well as drive economic growth. Attended by over 90 health and care professionals, practitioners, carer organisations, policy makers and academia, the event provided the opportunity to discuss innovative use of digital technologies to enhance care provisions and support services for carers. The first part of the day discussed current initiatives for transforming care and explored possible digital solutions within the care space. The latter part of the day included interactive audience challenge sessions which discussed some of the major challenges facing us; overcoming loneliness in older age, delayed discharge from hospital and understanding how carers and cared for use technology.

The event also shared findings and results from the EU project DISCOVER, which has created unique learning solutions for carers and care workers to help improve care provision, training and access to vital information and advice. Digital Birmingham is making this resource freely available for carers and care organisations to access and this is already being trialled by a number of care organisations who can see potential of this resource to support its carers and care workers.

We are keen to ensure that the DISCOVER resources are available to as many carers and care organisations as possible – if you are interested in finding out more or would like to take a look at what is on offer email or visit

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The discussions were captured in the form of comic illustrations, some of which you can see below.

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