​​Martha Lane Fox sets out her digital proposals for the NHS

Martha Lane Fox sets out her digital proposals for the NHS - Plans to ensure that everyone using the NHS can access free wi-fi are among recommendations.

She has made the recommendations in a bid to increase take-up of internet enabled services in health and care. This follows a commission from Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt who asked the former UK Digital Champion to look at ways in which there can be more digital inclusion across the NHS.

The 4 main recommendations by Baroness Martha Lane Fox to the National Information Board are:

  1. making sure those with the most health and social care needs, who are often the least likely to be online, are included first in any new digital tools being used across the NHS
  2. free wi-fi in every NHS building
  3. building the basic digital skills of the NHS workforce to ensure that everyone has the digital skills needed to support people's health needs
  4. at least 10% of registered patients in each GP practice should be using a digital service such as online appointment booking, repeat prescriptions and access to records by 2017
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