EIT Health Summer Schools

Our partners at EIT Health have launched three summer schools this year. The schools are for postgraduate students and interested professionals in health. There are scholarships available to cover most costs for students from EIT Health partners.

1) The EIT Health - Big data for Healthy Living School: The summer school will give students the opportunity to work with some of the latest biomedical technologies and see how advanced IT solutions, particularly in large-scale data processing applications, could be used to promote healthy living and active ageing. Also included in the programme are visits to the CERN Openlab facilities and experiments with other research laboratories and companies.

2) EIT - Health Alive and Kicking Summer School is an interdisciplinary course introducing participants to health care innovation within the themes of healthy living and active aging. It covers both medical and commercial aspects of innovation, working with two specific cases on diabetes and rehabilitation.

3) The EIT Health Innovation and Business Creation Summer School: Participants will learn about active and healthy ageing, industry challenges and opportunities, the art of idea creation and opportunity recognition, the design thinking process, working in a multidisciplinary and multicultural team, and the importance of early engagement with users and of an attractive value proposition. They will also learn the basis of entrepreneurship, business language, and business plan development, including project management and entrepreneurial financing.

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