Digital skills are too important to be left in a silo

It's official. The UK is facing a digital skills crisis. This comes as no surprise to those of us who work in this area. But it has now been recognised by the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee who last week published the report of their inquiry into the digital skills gap, the Digital Skills Crisis. As one of the witnesses, I welcome this report.

Across the UK we have a technology skills shortage at all levels: from Basic Digital Skills to more intermediate level skills, right up to the most advanced skills. Across the UK, 12.6 million adults – that's almost 1 in 4 – and 1.2m small and medium-sized businesses lack even the basic skills needed to send an email, apply for a job, or shop online. At the same time, business is telling us that 85% of technical positions are difficult to fill because of a lack of specialist skills.

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