Matt Hancock MP wants to make data available as a public service

Matt Hancock MP believes that tech is inherently disruptive and good for our economy. Through it, consumers are benefiting from quicker, smarter and more responsive services. He wants to use government to push things further and expand the UK's role as a world-leading digital economy. 

One of the key lessons learnt through work carried out to transform services in government is that data should be available as a public service.

"That’s one of the reasons we’ve just introduced the Digital Economy Bill to Parliament. While protecting privacy we can strengthen trust in the state, reduce fraud, and increase innovation.

"It will be possible, for example, to provide automatic discounts off the energy bills of people living in fuel poverty, or to deliver more timely interventions for troubled families dealing with multiple government agencies. 

"Modern data science will allow us to target resources more effectively, and design better, more responsive public services, using data to drive constant incremental improvement, basing policy on fact rather than theory. 

"And the focus on the user helps us to reform government departments around 21st century tools and techniques, making the most of the best technologies industry has to offer us. 

"This is a huge agenda and a huge opportunity to deliver for the citizens that we serve."

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