Smart Routing Needs You ... to help inform the development of an innovative new public transport App

Our work in the Smart Routing project rethinks how users plan for public transport journeys so we started by reviewing user needs around their travel. We found that while a few people can think of public transport needs driven from their own complex lifestyle this isn't the norm - most people state their very basic needs such as knowing how to get from A to B, and what the fare is.

This may be a result of users having low expectations of what is possible due to historical experience, and a strong awareness of the industrial nature of these services - like bricks and mortar, they're built on wheels and rails. By thinking of these services in terms of their constraining brute physicality users may hide their own wider personal needs. An example of these wider expansive needs is "I need to leave the house in time to catch the bus but not so early that I’m standing for a long time waiting in the cold weather, or skip breakfast.” However these personal needs rarely rise to the top, instead users get stuck on fundamentals, for example "I need the train to be on time”, intuiting that like a rule, a timetable can and will be broken.

As a precursor to the pilot trial of the App in Birmingham in July 2017 we would like to invite approx. 12-15 people who are familiar with and/or use public transport in Birmingham to help inform the development of the App and help ensure that what is created is wanted and needed by users.
Criteria for participation:

  • To be familiar with and/or use public transport (bus, train, metro)
  • Own an iphone (iOS)
  • Be willing to download, install and use the Smart Routing app

The workshop will be held on Monday 13th March 2017, 10am - 1pm (with lunch inc.) and will be held at iCentrum (Innovation Birmingham Campus), Birmingham Science Park Aston so if you are interested in supporting the development of an innovative new public transport App please contact: but please note places are very limited and will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

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