Get Ready for the Innovative Smart Routing User Trials, as presented at the IoT World Forum 2017

Raj Mack, Head of Digital Birmingham presented at CISCO’s Internet of Things World Forum this week and not only talked about the challenges faced by global cities today and the smart city work and future innovations and opportunities that Birmingham aims to progress but also touched on some of the trailblazing work the region is involved with, including the innovative Smart Routing project.

Digital Birmingham is taking part in an 18-month Innovate UK research project that is pushing innovation in the way we plan, monitor and design public transport journeys.  The project explores how the Smartphones can act as a means of sharing transport data in an efficient and timely way, what the data privacy challenges are, and how the smart phone can deliver more effective means of travel personalisation. 

Capitalising on advances in the study of Big Data, the information will allow citizens and businesses to be able to design and develop real time, personalised and ubiquitous public transport service routes.  It also aims to help local authority decision makers in the long-term planning of transport in urban areas.

Smart Routing will be putting those innovations into practice in Birmingham, as part of the 6-month user trial in July 2017 for Apple smart phone users, which we hope results in you thinking differently about your public transport needs and how you plan your journey routes.

To find out more email and register for the up and coming trial you need to:

  • Use an Apple device (iOS 9.3 or higher)
  • Be familiar with and/or use public transport (bus, train, metro)
  • Own an iPhone (iOS) 4S or later
  • Be willing to download, install and use the Smart Routing app

There’s no need to use up your data allowance or have access GPS anymore - the new Smart Routing public transport App will let you plan your door2door public transport journeys with ease!  Whether home or away – Smart Routing can show you the way.

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