CALLING HEALTH SMES: Data science for healthcare workshop: identify opportunities from your data

Title/Topic: Data science for healthcare workshop: identify opportunities from your data

Length in hours: 3 Hours, 9.30am – 12.30noon – Mon 16th April 2018
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Content synopsis:

Are you interested in creating new opportunities in healthcare? 

Whether you are already familiar or new to data science, join our Special Interest Group on data science in healthcare to better understand how data can help your business innovate.

This workshop will help you identify specific business challenges and provide an overview of data science tools that can be applied in the healthcare domain to create new products/services.

We will present the CRISP for data mining methodology to help you getting the best out of your data, and we will demonstrate the particularities of the Health field with regards to data handling. 


  • Provide an overview of data science and its application in healthcare
  • Identify data challenges in healthcare
  • Network with regional healthcare SMEs
  • Receive expert advice from Big Data Corridor research teamAgenda:

Data science for healthcare introduction 

- What is data science? 
- Healthcare data science opportunities
Healthcare challenges
- Open data for healthcare
- Data science tools for your business
Extract value from health data
- Healthcare constraints and solutions

- Brainstorm new services/products

Venue (if fixed venue): Birmingham City University - 4th Floor, Conference Room Millennium Point

Curzon Street B4 7XG
Number of learners that can attend at the same time:  Up to 20

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