Take the Healthy City Challenge and help transform public health services

Birmingham invites you to take the Healthy City Challenge and contribute to the big data collection efforts of the PULSE project and help inform and transform Birmingham's Public Health services

This survey is designed to help us understand your local environment as it relates to health-related factors like access to healthy foods, green spaces, and places to conduct physical activity. 

This survey should take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete.

The Participatory Urban Living for Sustainable Environments (PULSE) project currently spans 5 cities across the globe and aims to engage a range of stakeholders, including citizens, to address Asthma and Type 2 Diabetes.  

The goal is to use multiple data sources to examine how physical activity and individual health is impacted by the neighbourhoods in which we live, and to connect community health to data from air quality sensors.

So if you are up for the challenge then click here and #Play4Bham #LifestylesandHabits #AsthmaType2DiabetesAirQuality

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