Raj Mack

Head of Digital Birmingham


Raj is the Head of Digital Birmingham, which has been at the forefront of leading the city’s digital and smart cities development, working collaboratively with many varied clients and partners across the public, private and third sectors, to attract and manage digital investment and uptake.

Raj has led national and European projects and programmes that exploit the use of digital technologies enabling businesses and citizens to access innovative and cutting edge ICT related services and ensuring that these are mainstreamed within the organisation and help drive digital inclusion and economic growth opportunities.

Raj is also leading Birmingham City’s smart city agenda and is developing and delivering collaborative digital projects and activities that will ensure that the City and the wider region have the right digital infrastructure, that people and business have the right digital skills and capabilities to drive economic and social innovation and entrepreneurship. He and his team are working closely with the Ministerial Smart City Forum and the national smart city advisory groups to help shape smart city activities and opportunities.

Raj initially qualified as a Chartered Public Finance Accountant before moving into an IT environment several years ago. He has worked across a number of organisations in diverse roles such as auditing, policy and strategy and he now manages a portfolio of digital projects/programmes alongside advising the City Council and its strategic partners on the role that digital technologies can play in supporting transformative ways of working and service redesign.