Businesses - COSMOS needs your views!

Pure Cosmos aims to increase and develop SMEs with the improvement of effectiveness of public sector support and with the decreasing of administrative burdens through selected policy instruments.

The project aims to exchange good practices on the role that public authorities can play with partners across Europe and enhance the competitiveness of SMEs by improving the business climate and support in which they operate.

The GBSLEP recognises the importance of SMEs to local and national economies, making up a significant proportion of the region's business base that supports employment, growth and innovation.

Local government has a critical role in supporting the growth and resilience of the SME base and Birmingham City Council are ambitious to do more to support SMEs, recognising that they will be the key source of growth amidst an era of public sector cuts.

This survey builds on the previous baseline survey and aims to identify any progression made in the assessment of needs and the availability of the relevant support amongst SMEs like yours.   

This survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete and we very much appreciate and value your participation. Please visit

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