Birmingham Food Conversation

Our colleagues in Public Health have launched the Birmingham Food Conversation to create a two way conversation between the Council and citizens, organisations and stakeholders across Birmingham about the food system and food environment. 

Public Health have been meeting with stakeholders including academics and businesses across the city for the last couple of months leading up to this and the Creating a Healthy Food City Forum, chaired by Cllr Hamilton, is bringing this together to start thinking about a Healthy and Sustainable Food Strategy for the City.
The conversation will carry on over the next year in different forums and formats to help draw out a strong awareness of food in our city, it’s links to climate change, health, economic prosperity and community cohesion. We are keen to work with you to continue this conversation after today’s launch so if you have thoughts or opportunities that can help us to drive this then do get in touch.

Please can we ask that you complete Birmingham Food Survey link here - the Public Health team want to hear from you about your thoughts on food and the food choices you make.

Follow conversations on Twitter using hastag #talkfoodbrum 

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