CAN DO DIGITAL - Your Way Into a Job in the Digital Workplace

This is a third party event:

Aged 15-24? Your Personal Invitation to join the Digital World of Work.

About this Event

If you can do anything, you Can Do Digital.

If you're at school but aren't sure what's next for you - or if you're not in education, or a job, or doing any training and you're aged between 15-24, then you've got this. You don't need any digital skills to start with - just the potential, personal drive and a can-do attitude to jump on this opportunity to become digitally work-ready - but you'll certainly have a whole load of valuable skills at the end!

Can Do Digital will help you to develop the confidence, attitude and digital skills you need to succeed in the workplace. There are entry-level jobs waiting for you. How do we know? Because the employers are all part of our team.

We are TIN Smart Social and we're working with partners like Innovation Alliance for the West Midlands and GBSLEP, and global leaders like ServiceNow and Capgemini, to make sure you have the opportunity to develop your skills and make your digital mark in the world of work.

Be the first to register for the Can Do Digital programme at this event.

We will inspire and excite you with the range of different digital skills pathways you can follow. There is a job that you can do and a career that you make in digital. You are needed. There is more in you than you think.

Can-Do Digital is starting in Birmingham, as it's the best place to be, and our trainers, mentors, coaches will work with you and for you to develop the digital know-how and tools and techniques you need to succeed in the modern workforce. You'll also have the certification to prove it.

You'll learn that being resilient, keeping going, believing in yourself and your abilities and having a purpose is the key to success. These are qualities that employers need alongside digital skills.

The programme is an inclusive, supportive and fun experience. You'll discover new ways of doing things, and find out how much what you are learning and doing really matters to you – and to your future employer.

You don't have to stay for the whole event. We'll just take you through a taster of the training, you can meet and talk to some of the employers and our team and we'll help you get signed up.

And if you would like to bring your parents or supporters, please make sure you book tickets for them too.

We'd love to see you.

You can do this.


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