Birmingham CC’s response to COVID-19

The City Council has worked closed with the NHS, universities, schools and businesses across Birmingham to prepare for significant changes ahead, especially working on how we can protect and maintain critical services to protect and support citizens.

The Birmingham 12 point plan has been developed to meet the needs of our city, our residents and our communities. It is based on local knowledge and expertise, and also draws in best practice from elsewhere.

The following twelve points underpin our approach over the coming weeks and months:

  1. To preserve life and protect vulnerable groups and maintain the viability of the city is our fundamental purpose during the coming days, weeks and months.
  2. Ensure the response is scalable, proportionate and flexible, working closely with our NHS, education, business and community providers.
  3. Contribute to effective containment measures as appropriate to limit the spread of infection, and work with citizens and communities to help them to take the appropriate actions.
  4. Ensure continued delivery of the council’s critical services, focusing most on those services which support and protect the most vulnerable in society.
  5. Maintain council services to an appropriate level, and prioritise services to maintain those which are critical to life and the protection of vulnerable groups.
  6. Engage with and support NHS and Public Health response systems/campaigns including media and communications, working across all the networks of the city to ensure information reaches all of our communities.
  7. Provision and sharing of advice; warning and information internally and to public and local businesses to support the immediate and long-term resilience of the city.
  8. Maintain good working relationships with partners to ensure supply chain continuity, especially for those resources that underpin the safety and security of Birmingham and its citizens.
  9. Ensure that all roles and areas of responsibility are predetermined and formally agreed so there is clarity internally and with partners during these uncertain times.
  10. Monitor the impact of the outbreak on the community and our services to respond in a timely manner and plan recovery to ensure that Birmingham remains looking forward.
  11. Work with partners across our voluntary, community and faith communities to mobilise the spirit of Birmingham to respond to the challenges facing us.
  12. Work across political parties to collaborate in the best interests of the city; we recognise that the challenges ahead require us all to work together to support citizens and the city to weather the coming challenges and emerge as a city moving forward.
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