Ways to help boost availability and access to fibre-broadband services across Birmingham

Birmingham City Council has been approached by Openreach (one of the UK’s main telecommunication infrastructure providers) with news of an initiative to help identify ways for citizens, businesses and communities to improve their broadband services.    

Superfast broadband across Birmingham currently runs at around 98%, supported by significant investment over the last couple of years. This investment has enabled Openreach to provide fibre broadband across almost 30% of the city, putting Birmingham ahead of the rest of the West Midlands, which currently stands at around 12% coverage.

Openreach aims to improve their network to get faster fibre broadband to as many people in the UK as possible. However, there are some areas that are not currently in Openreach’s plan to introduce fibre-broadband or provide a faster internet connection for those already upgraded to fibre-broadband. To help address this, Openreach have launched their Community Fibre Partnership (CFT) project.

Community Fibre Partnership

Where there are no immediate Openreach plans for introducing fibre-broadband in a particular area, local communities can submit a joint request for connectivity to the community-fibre-partnerships (CFP) projects scheme. If a request is successful, Openreach will work with the local community to build a customised solution to bring fibre broadband to homes and businesses. If an area already has fibre broadband, an upgrade to even faster speeds may also be possible via the scheme.

Find out if fibre broadband is coming to your area.

The community-fibre-partnerships page also includes a useful post code check feature, so that you can find out whether your area is covered as part of the Openreach fibre broadband plan and if so, when the changes will be happening.

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