Introducing Govroam, the public sector’s new free network access roaming service

Birmingham City Council staff and those working in other public sector roles across Birmingham and Solihull, can now access Govroam, a free and secure network access roaming service available via the government’s Digital Marketplace. As one of the participating organisations, the council offers secure wi-fi access for public sector staff at its sites across the city.

Govroam has been designed exclusively for public sector organisations, to help reduce the cost of providing guest connectivity, as well as enabling secure, collaborative, multi-agency working across participating public sector sites. This represents a real step forwards for public sector multi-agency collaboration and successful partnership working, thereby benefiting local communities.

As Covid-19 restrictions ease over time, the full benefits of using Govroam will support the council’s evolving new ways of working, beyond last year’s rapid workforce shift to remote working in response to the pandemic.

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