Developing stronger communities using digital technologies

Birmingham City Council (BCC) is proud to be supporting the Digital Leaders initiative again. As part of Insight Live: Public Sector, Dr Peter Bishop, Director of Digital & Customer Services for BCC, will introduce talks on how the council is working with city partners to address digital skills and exclusion as well as outlining how the council is embracing digital technologies to support transformational change.

Join us on Wednesday 3rd March 2021, 14:30-15:30 for presentations that will showcase how the city council delivers its services and how our partners are supporting the community, using the internet and technology as an enabler of transformation.

Book your place today via, agenda below: 

14:30 - Welcome and introductions by Dr Peter Bishop, Director for Digital & Customer Service, Birmingham City Council

Q&A will follow each presentation 

Developing stronger communities is about being digitally inclusive. Peter will introduce two presentations showcasing how we are working with city partners to support our citizens and communities to enhance their digital skills and reducing the digital divide. As well as showcasing how digital technologies are being developed by the council to transform services with a reference to some of the work being done in Adult Social Care.

15:40 Be more confident online by Chris Laband & Sair Reading, Directors of Digikick

In today’s world, if you can’t use the internet, you are isolated, you are alone and you are vulnerable. More and more services are only offering support via online interaction, so those who can’t get online are left behind.

As time moves on, this is only going to get worse, more people are going to be left behind, more people are going to be isolated and more people will be vulnerable.

DigiKick help people become more confident online. DigiKick’s fun, friendly sessions can help anybody learn practical skills which they can use every day to engage safely in the online world.

Chris and Sair will share stories of people who have worked through DigiKick, and how the internet has changed their lives. They will talk about how the approach helps people feel empowered to start learning and to get online for the first time.

Chris and Sair will also talk about some of the pitfalls in setting up your own digital inclusion work and how Covid restrictions have evolved the service to support more people.

15:05 Technology Enabled Care (TEC) – Enabling people to live the best life they can by Julie Harrison and Michael Walsh, Adult Social Care Directorate, Birmingham City Council

As Technology Enabled Care (TEC) moves forward into the digital environment and with the explosion of apps more Councils including Birmingham are looking at how the power of these systems can be introduced into supporting the social care needs of our citizens. We are at the very start of our journey and looking at how we transform our current mainly analogue TEC to digital over the next few years. Our journey will include collaboratively working with both citizens and our social care colleagues to understand what the issues and barriers are with TEC and how we can move forward together.

In this talk, Julie and Mike will share their insight on how TEC can benefit the citizens and social care practices in Birmingham. The approach they are taking that will positively impact health colleagues and seek to reduce the demand on acute services and how the move to the Integrated Care service will encourage better collaboration for the benefit of Birmingham citizens, confirming TEC is an ideal platform to engage with these conversations.

15:30  - end of presentations

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