OPPORTUNITY: Quote for online events

This is a request for quotes requested by our partners at Birmingham City University (BCU):

Brief: Quote required for three on-line events. Organised by Birmingham City University for GBSLEP Growth Hub specifically to promote creative industries to other industry sectors.

Budget: Not to exceed £2499.00 (including VAT where appropriate.)

Outline: Design and deliver three on-line events designed to engage an audience of diverse industry sectors to consider how technology and working with creative industries in particular can enable them to drive change and innovation within their organisations, processes and use of creative thinking to adapt, grow and thrive. Utilising presenters from academia and creative businesses to illustrate what is possible, what can be achieved and what can be imagined. Creative industries can help to facilitate a pivot and change in business through reimaging the use of technology, innovation and vision. Businesses engaged should ideally be new to Growth Hub support.

Events Requirements: 
Each event would be expected to run for a maximum of two hours.

Big Data, Big Business – how big data can be harvested, utilised and creatively used by businesses to grow, adapt and change. What are the possibilities, how is this currently being used by businesses and how can creative industries help businesses to utilise big data more?

Internet of Things – How IoT is influencing every facet of life and how businesses can utilise this technology to grow adapt and change. What are the possibilities, how is this currently being used by businesses and how can creative industries help businesses to utilise big data more?

Digital Wonderlands – What is possible in the digital wonderlands that can be utilised by businesses? What are the possibilities, how is this currently being used by businesses and how can creative industries help businesses to utilise digital technologies more?

It would be expected that there would be input from speaker(s) from academia who can illustrate what the current and future possibilities could be for businesses (use of BCU academics should be considered as a first option. This would be facilitated by BCU teams to support where appropriate, brokering connections with the Academic community), also we would welcome your input into speaker suggestions from creative industries sector who can illustrate how they are utilising technology to deliver new ways of working. 

Facilitators would be required to deliver strategic direction to attending companies to enable them to access support, guidance and advice from the GBSLEP Growth Hub, be that customers who have already engaged with such provision or those for whom this would be a new experience.  BCU’s Growth Hub Account Manager for Creative Industries would take a supporting role across the workshops.

We would like to look at the options to live stream this event across social media and other platforms with recordings being made available for call off viewing. We would require the copyright to be assigned to BCU in all content produced. 

Dates are currently set for –

  • 4/11/21 -Big Data, Big Business - ONLINE 
  • 18/11/21 - Internet of Things - ONLINE 
  • 2/12/21 - Digital Wonderlands - ONLINE 

Whilst the preference would be to meet the dates noted, there could be the possibility of change within reason if required. Timing of each event is subject to negotiation to suit both parties. 

The audience will be from a range of industry sectors and the intention is to illustrate just how creative industries can be used collaboratively to access a range of technologies and data to enable them to improve, grow and adapt their current business models. The intention is to inspire them to consider what can be achieved and how this can set them apart from their competition and enable them to become industry leading. Whilst we would like to welcome businesses who have not engaged with Growth Hub services, we would also welcome those who are already engaged.

Promotional Activity:
All promotional activity will be undertaken by the GBSLEP Growth Hub and BCU marketing teams, aimed specifically at a wide range of industry sectors, focussing on engaging new businesses who have not dealt with the Growth Hub before. 

Outcomes Required:
Five businesses per session (total 15 across three sessions) identified as considering working collaboratively with a creative industry business or considering how to access support for a change to utilise new technologies or ways of working. All businesses attending each workshop should be open to be supported further by the GBSLEP Growth Hub.

How to Respond:
Please provide an outline of what you intend to deliver for each of the three events including possible speaker options and how you would facilitate the collaborative or forward progress of ideas generated by businesses. Also, please detail the time frame for activity within each event.

Should your company not be able to deliver all three sessions and if you have a preference, please submit a quote for individual sessions that may be of interest, there would clearly be a preference to support a single provider, however, this option may mitigate for a situation where this is not possible. Single providers for all three events will be considered in the first instance. 

Please provide a quote for delivery of all three sessions (or as above) by 8th October 2021.

Each application will be scored on the following items
1. Content of Event (20%)
2. Quality of Event (20%
3. Facilitation of collaboration (50%)
4. Value for Money (10%)

Terms and Conditions
You will grant BCU the relevant rights including without limitation intellectual property rights, all performance and moral rights to enable fulfilment of the contract and you will agree to BCU’s terms and conditions.

Timescale for Assessment:
Assessment commences 11th October 2021.
Applicants notified of results on 25th October 2021 contracts will be issued shortly thereafter.

Feedback can be made available if required to those who are not successful, however, the timescale for this may depend upon the resource available and we give no current commitment as to how long this may take. 

David Tomalin 0771 463 7678 / david.tomalin@bcu.ac.uk 

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