Sharing developments & best practise about open innovation eco-systems in the city of Birmingham, UK

Birmingham City Council is the largest local authority in Europe, serving 1.2 million citizens.  Birmingham is experiencing one of its most exciting periods of regeneration and development in recent times. We aim to be a city of growth where every child, citizen and place matters - and Birmingham City Council wants to make a positive difference, every day, to people’s lives.

The pandemic has challenged many of the tried and tested models and approaches we used to manage our cities and places, it exposed weaknesses in our infrastructure, logistics, skills and capabilities.  It has shown that we have to be innovative and embrace new technologies to futureproof our cities, to make them more resilient and adaptive to unforeseen challenges as well as addressing known issues such as climate change. Innovation and new emerging technologies will play a significant role in shaping and developing our cities and places. And we need to be collaborative in our approach, be open to new ideas and have a willingness to share and exchange knowledge.

Birmingham City Council has a long history in international innovation activities and collaboration.  It has worked with with western and eastern European cities as well as international cities such as Singapore, and New York, often working in collaboration with multiple cities and universities.  Until recently, it has been part of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL), putting citizen-centric user design at heart of its projects. The Council was recognised as a leading digital Council in 2018 in the UK and was a ranked as the 3rd most Smart City in the UK.

Councillor Ian Ward, Leader of Birmingham City Council gives a talk prepared for the World Innovative Cities Cooperation Organisations (WICCO) online event on 18 November 2021 themed "Jointly Building an Open and Innovative Platform and Rising to Development Challenges of the Times".

  • BRUM and Birmingham's customer service strategy

    Category: Transforming Services

    A technology investment from 2019 is now playing a key role in developing a new customer service strategy at Birmingham City Council.

  • Launch of Council's new Digital Strategy

    Category: Transforming Services

    "We will be bold in our ambition to be the best Digital Council to transform, support and enable the City to reach its potential."

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