Insight Programme

June 2019 - December 2021

What is the Insight Programme? 

The Council Plan has set out its ambition to make much better use of customer insights and business intelligence to ensure that we make informed decisions and use our resources more effectively.

Our data and information are not currently managed as a single resource across the directorates and services, and existing management practices do not make all required data easily available to those who need to work on it. 

The Insight Programme is enabling the council to become a more data driven insight led organisation by delivering the vision of the Information Management Strategy 2018, the aim of which is to:

Make the council an information led and evidence based, organisation working with sound and reliable data for the benefit of its residents.

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It is doing this by driving the adoption of the function, tools and techniques to enable fast and reliable actionable insight from data.

This will encompass the People, Process and Tooling that will support:

  • Data Lifecycle Management to provide the framework, governance and services to classify, manage, use, re-use and archive data that is of good quality
  • Insight Data Platform and Analytics to provide the business with the enabling technology, processes and tooling to deliver Insights
  • Business Intelligence Competency Centre that will coordinate the activities and resources to ensure that a data-based approach to decision making is systematically implemented throughout the council. This will have responsibility for the governance of business intelligence, practices, software, tools, technology and infrastructure.
  • Data skills training and professional development for staff, so that where appropriate we have the range of skills to be effective in the management and effective use of information (for example analytics, data science, legal, records management, manipulating specialist information formats.)

Why do we need to do this?

The more effective use of data to create valuable and sustainable insight into the delivery of public services is a vital component of the Council Plan.

The Information Strategy 2018 identified a number of areas for improvement in the council.

  • Our culture in how we manage our services and systems operates in silos with a lack of understanding of the value of data, common standards and data sharing.
  • While we process and act on data it can be very time consuming and complex, resulting in inefficiencies in how we use our resources.
  • Data quality is suspect, inconsistent and isn’t always accessible and available.

The Insight Programme is addressing these areas by introducing new and/or improved information management and Insight capabilities and moving the council to a way of working in which:

  • information and data is managed as a corporate resource.
  • information duplication is minimised.
  • there is a single storage point of where data can be viewed, stored and accessed.
  • data is managed across departmental boundaries allowing a view of the citizen or any other entity as they interact with public services.

This means that we will be able to:

  • draw on a wider range of data to create evidence based insight and intervention and use it to create desired outcomes for its citizens.
  • model and plan changes to people, processes, and services so that the impact of change can be understood financially, operationally and strategically.
  • be more citizen focused by linking and joining key services.
  • manage our services with up to date information ensuring optimum effectiveness and efficiency.
  • have a culture of confident data sharing within the regulatory framework enabling services to draw on data across the council for the benefit of all stakeholders.
  • react to external change, be that political, administrative, economic or social by virtue of data availability and flexibility, for example ward boundary changes.

All of this is helping achieve the outcomes of the Council Plan 2018 – 2022 and the supporting themes of the ICT & Digital Strategy.

These outline how we will work in the future, as one organisation, with the right skills, tools, environment and culture to achieve our priorities and be the best we can be.