Interreg Europe Project April 2016- March 2021

This project is one of 64 successful applications in the first call for proposals of the Interreg Europe Programme. The co-operation project focuses on the role that public authorities can play in enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs by making the business climate more transparent and reliable, supporting the needs of SMEs and promoting modernisation of public services.

Pure Cosmos aims to increase and develop SMEs with the improvement of effectiveness of public sector support and with the decreasing of administrative burdens through selected policy instruments.

The project aims to exchange good practices on the role that public authorities can play with partners across Europe and enhance the competitiveness of SMEs by improving the business climate and support in which they operate.


(PUblic authorities Role Enhancing COmpetitiveness of SMes)

Digital Birmingham is a partner in this INTERREG EU funded project and is led by the City of Genoa.

Other partners include: the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary and Italy.

This will be achieved done by undertaking surveys of SMEs, holding peer reviews in each country to identify the barriers and challenges that SMEs face when working with the public sector and by identifying good practices from suppliers that can be shared with partners, to save re-inventing wheels.

Through the involvement of Birmingham City Council and the Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership (GBSLEP),  it will focus on improving the processes of local authority administration that will help streamline and tailor the support services to SMEs to increase their capacity to access business support, funding and finance and transact and communicate online to drive long term growth and competitiveness.

Following evidence gathering and continuous dialogue with SMEs the aim of the project is to develop an action plan that will then be used to help inform future strategy and policy at GBSLEP and national government (DCLG) level. 
It is hoped that this will then influence and shape the nature of future projects and calls that will be funded through the European Structural Investment Fund (ESIF) with a focus on increasing the competitiveness of SMEs.

Digital tools reduce administrative burdens of SMEs Video

Birmingham Peer Review - 27-28th September 2016 - Aston Conference Centre

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Birmingham was the first City to hold it's Peer Review which was very well received by both Regional Stakeholders and SME's.   A newsletter detailing the project and a report that was produced following the peer review is detailed below.

The outcomes of the peer review will be utilised by the Region to help enhance the future growth of SME's and will be discussed at the GBSLEP (Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Board).  It will help shape future priorities for the region and inform national strategies.