Share-PSI 2.0

Project timeframe: February 2014 - September 2016

Project Objectives

  • During the 2.5 years of the network, a total of 5 workshops will be held, each one on a theme of particular interest to the partners
  • A full report will be compiled for each workshop as a stand-alone document but the process will inform the compilation of a set of best practices for open data publication and re-use across Europe
  • Localised versions of these best practices willbe made available in each country represented in the network

The Share-PSI 2.0 Thematic Network brings together a very broad range of stakeholders to collaborate and in the re-use of public sector information and to help them to reach consensus on technical standards, complementing existing and ongoing initiatives in the domain.

The network will focus particularly on implementing the new PSI Directive and includes government agencies and ministries from a variety of member states as well as standards bodies, academic institutions, commercial companies working in the field and organisations that effectively interface between government and citizens using open data as the medium.

The network will identify the most appropriate standards to be used in the publication of open data, highlight the need for further standards work, and share experiences of using those standards.

Share-PSI Localisation Guide:  

The EU SharePSI project established a collaborative platform to develop and publish an agreed number of key Best Practices (BPs) to support cities and European countries to develop their open data strategies, policies and action plans.  This localised guide has been developed in partnership with key stakeholders and activists in this region and references how the BPs have supported its development.

Share-PSI is an acronym for

Shared Standards for Open Data and Public Sector Information

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