July 2016 - Present

SmartRouting is an Innovate UK project under the Enhancing End-to-End User Journeys programme that will support integrated multimodal journey planning combining real-time and personal data which works, even when your internet connection doesn't.

‘Smart Routing’ will improve public transport travel by enabling people to combine their journey data and preferences with real-time transport information.  Providing privacy-preserving journey planning that works, even when your internet connection doesn’t.

The Smart Routing project will build on their existing 'Commuter’ App, to create a powerful application for planning travel on public transport in and around Birmingham.  It will support real-time journey planning by you, for you, and offline routing while in your local area.  Itinerary advice will be based on door to door real-time information and disruptions.  The App will also personalise itself to your travel needs including anticipating journeys and it will do this while respecting and securely protecting your data privacy.  By locking your travel information and behaviours within the App, the data is controlled by you, the user, and stays private which is increasingly important to owners’ data privacy.

Smart Routing will bring together real-time product data (timetables, disruption, congestion and relevant related public transport services) and personal data (the reason for each journey), to enable the creation of intelligent personalised multi-modal public transport end-to-end journey planning. It will deliver journey planning more effectively than websites and apps that use historic data and commercially driven offers that ignore peoples' situation.

Smart Routing prioritises the individuals’ data, putting you in full control of a personalised travel information service that will get you from A to B according to your specific journey requirements (budget, accessibility, medical needs, personal assistance etc.).   By allowing users to create and own their journey plans by creating their own routes through the city, Smart Routing will help to organise your time better and create convenience, equalling greater user control.

Smart Routing recognises the potential innovation, personal value and wider social value in unique local knowledge created by local people.

Smart Routing’s ‘offline functionality’ is achieved by processing the routing data on your device (within your local travel area), supporting a seamless end-to-end journey experience across regions of poor or no data coverage.  Network traffic and the amount of time it takes data to travel from one device to another on the network is greatly minimised by doing all the data processing on your smart phone; eliminating hosting costs.

Smart Routing will enhance customer experience in public transport travel, significantly increasing the value that transport operating companies and associated service providers can deliver. 

The Consortium of Partners

The consortium consists of five multi-sector UK partners co-ordinated by Algorithms expert and SME Caution Your Blast, Socio-technology experts - University of Aberdeen, Micro-SME Ayoupa, Birmingham City Council (Digital Birmingham) as the use case owners and Platform provider InterDigital Europe.

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