Smart City Commission Membership

The following Commission members have been identified to lead on representing a priority area for Birmingham with the aim of establishing a programme of activity that will support the strategic delivery of Birmingham’s Smart City Roadmap, as well as providing guidance and advice to the Smart City Commission: 

  1. Bjorn Birgisson - Information marketplaces – open & big data 
  2. Jas Bains - Civic Economy 
  3. David Hardman - Education, Skills & innovation
  4. Nick Gregg - Mobility
  5. Mark Barber - Benchmarking & Progress
  6. Tim Jones - Health
  7. Simon Wright - Energy

The role of the Smart City Commission working group leads is to establish programme of activity that will support delivery of Birmingham Smart City Roadmap:

  • Generate, progress and review programme of work agreed by Smart City Commission
  • Embed Smart city principles within action plans
  • Own Smart City Commission aims, targets and activities relating to this area
  • Act as ambassadors
  • Establish beneficial links and influence
  • Identify opportunities

Smart City Commission Members

The Commission is a body created by the city council which includes leading figures from the business, academic and public sectors, supported by Digital Birmingham