Universal Credit Pilot

Project Ended

Birmingham City Council (BCC) was one of only 12 local authorities that bid successfully for funding to undertake one of the DWP's Universal Credit Projects.

The aim of the project was to track a customer's housing journey from start to finish making improvements along the way. The key objective was to ensure digital and financial inclusion strategies and tools for tenants. How can we use this opportunity to affect behaviours and help develop more sustainable tenancies. All of the processes that a new tenant has to go through to obtain and maintain a tenancy were identified and mapped to improve the customer experience. 

New tenants were given their own personalised Digital Log Book, an online portal that helps tenants to manage every aspect of their tenancies online.The log book is a one stop shop for everything to do with their tenancy from start to finish, from initial biding for a property to getting their keys and managing their home. It also helped tenants:

  1. to manage and access their benefits online
  2. help them to manage their financies with simple to use budgeting tools
  3. gain digital skills
  4. access employment opportunities
  5. view their council tax and rent statements
  6. report repairs 

as well as access information on changes to benefits and much more.