For the last 10 years Digital Birmingham have been at the forefront of leading the city's digital and Smart Cities developments (see key achievements here).  

These activities are positioned to align and support the development and delivery of the Council's digital strategy and city outcomes;-

  1. By being the interface between the council and its external partners ( public, private and third sectors)at a city , region and nation level 
  2. Working collaboratively with them  to attract and manage digital investment and uptake
  3. Gaining a track record of success in designing, testing and mainstreaming digital and ICT innovation

We are now leading on the digital facilitation theme under the Council’s ICT & Digital Strategy to:

  • deliver integrated inclusive and citizen centric accessible services  through effective use of digital technologies
  • increase digital capabilities and skills of citizens and businesses so they can thrive in a digital economy
  • raise the digital capability and confidence of our own workforce to respond to new opportunities and ways of delivering  and digitising services
  • create a digitally connected city that attracts investment in infrastructure to stimulate economic growth and experimentation
  • work cross sector to identify use cases and city challenges to exploit opportunities of new and emerging technologies to drive innovation in areas such as health and social care; mobility; planning and regeneration  
  • build the City as a Platform framework that exploits data insights; new data streams and intelligence and sets the governance and standards to make this accessible for multiple stakeholders to develop new urban applications

We are part of Birmingham City Council’s Strategic Services Directorate working in Information, Technology and Digital Services.  

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To find out more about working with Digital Birmingham and the Council's Information, Technology and Digital Services division, contact or call 0121 303 8779

Digital Birmingham are a multi-disciplinary resourceful team, who can be relied upon for their expertise as well as strategic thinking. They excel at working collaboratively and in partnership with other agencies and organisations both public and private and are well networked and inclusive in their working style, ensuring meaningful consultation occurs across all their work.

Lara Ratnaraja of Lara Ratnaraja Consultancy