Digital inclusion is about making sure that everyone can benefit from
digital technology. Digital Birmingham is working towards this by
promoting skills development and providing support for people who want
to start their own businesses but may not have the means or knowledge
needed to do so.
In collaboration with local partners, a co-produced Digital Inclusion
Strategy and Action Plan outlines the steps we will take to tackle the
personal, structural, and financial barriers that prevent citizens and
communities from feeling digitally excluded. We want to ensure that
every citizen has the skills, tools and support needed to thrive in an
increasingly digital world

Birmingham Digital Services Map


Internet Troll and Disinformation Quiz – Get to know how to use the internet for the better.

News Literacy Lab – A wealth of training resources.

Find the Fake Quiz – Improve your scam identification skills.

Cranky Uncle – building resiliance against misinformation

Moon Disaster – How to spot a deepfake

Common Sense Education – Spot fake news, sharpen media literacy skills with speedy quizzes

News Defenders – How to spot viral deception

Google Skills – Grow with Google’s digital skills training

Microsoft Training – Discover your path with Microsoft

Education Community – Apple Education Community

Adobe Learning – Simple How To’s from Adobe

Adobe Digital Learning Services | Training & Certification – Training from Adobe