Birmingham City Observatory

The City Observatory is a platform that provides a ‘single source of the truth’ about Birmingham. It is a collaboration between the council and other city partners, and it aims to make data and insight more accessible and valuable for everyone. The Observatory is supported by a team at the City Council who work with partners to produce and publish insights and datasets that support decision making across the city.

Some of the benefits of the City Observatory include:

It provides a public, reliable, timely source of a wide range of data about Birmingham.

It makes data and insight more accessible and useful for everyone.

It fosters collaboration and innovation around data.

It helps to make Birmingham a more open and transparent city.


The mission of the City Observatory is to make data more accessible and useful for everyone in Birmingham. We believe that data can be a powerful tool for improving decision-making, fostering collaboration, and making Birmingham a more equal and inclusive city. We are committed to working with a wide range of partners to make this vision a reality.

Leadership team

Richard Brooks, Director of Strategy, Equality and Partnerships

Richard Smith, Head of City Observatory Team, Birmingham City Council