City Region Economic and Development Institute (City-REDI)


City REDI was established by the University of Birmingham to support regional economic growth policy and practice through engaged and relevant research. 


Our core objective is to help accelerate economic growth in the West Midlands city-region. We develop forecasts and impact studies to map alternative approaches to improving the region’s economic prospects. But we are equally concerned with ensuring that growth is inclusive, that government policies and corporate practices improve the life chances of all in the region, as well as lift the competitiveness and performance of our regional economy. Reducing inter-regional inequality across the UK and intra-regional inequalities in the West Midlands is a central goal.

Leadership team

  • Professor Adam Tickell, Vice-Chancellor, and Principal
  • Professor Simon Collinson, Director of City-REDI
  • Rebecca Riley, Associate Professor for Enterprise, Engagement, and Impact
  • Anne Green, Professor of Regional Economic Development
  • Donald Houston, Professor of Regional Economic Development
  • Fumi Kitagawa, Chair of Regional Economic Development

Contact information



Twitter: @CityREDI