Digital Champions

At Digital Birmingham, we understand the vital role that libraries play in promoting digital inclusion and providing access to information. Through our Digital Champions program, we aim to embed digital champions in libraries across the city, transforming them into hubs of digital empowerment. These front-line workers will provide guidance, support, and training to library patrons, enabling them to navigate the digital landscape effectively. By empowering individuals with digital skills, we enable them to fully participate in the digital era, access online resources, and utilize digital services. In addition to libraries, we are also committed to empowering individuals in healthcare. Our Digital Champions – GP Surgeries initiative aims to train and embed digital champions in every GP surgery in Birmingham. These champions, connected to our device bank and data bank, will serve as invaluable resources for patients, providing guidance, signposting to further training, and ensuring that individuals receive the support they require. Join us in creating a digitally inclusive Birmingham by supporting both the Digital Champions – Libraries and Digital Champions – GP Surgeries initiatives.