At Jacobs, we’re challenging today to reinvent tomorrow by solving the world’s most critical problems for thriving cities, resilient environments, mission-critical outcomes, operational advancement, scientific discovery, and cutting-edge manufacturing, turning abstract ideas into realities that transform the world for good.

With $15 billion in revenue and a talent force of more than 60,000, Jacobs provides a full spectrum of professional services including consulting, technical, scientific and project delivery for the government and private sector. We help make the world smarter, more connected, and more sustainable, supporting better outcomes for Advanced Manufacturing, Cities & Places, Energy & Environment, Health & Life Sciences, Infrastructure, National Security and Space.


Our purpose is to create a more connected, sustainable world.

Our values are:

We do things right.

We challenge the accepted.

We aim higher.

We live inclusion.

Leadership team

  • Kate Kenny, Senior Vice President, and General Manager
  • Andrew Henderson, Head of Cities & Places
  • Richard Sanderson, Head of Transportation
  • Bruce Chalmers, Head of Water & Environment Grant Harrison, Head of Central Government, Regulation & Investors and Strategic Consulting

Contact information

2nd floor, Cottons Centre,Cottons Lane, London, SE1 2QG

Phone: +44 0203 980 2000

Website: https://www.jacobs.com/