Edge 8 – Birmingham Data Centre

Proximity Edge 8 at Birmingham is strategically located at a key point in the UK fibre network infrastructure. It is positioned to offer the shortest diverse routes both North and South in the UK connecting London and Manchester. Based in an infrastructure development area close to the media centre of Birmingham and the new HS2 railway station. The West Midlands metro population is 3 million all demanding digital services best served by a colocation data centre based in the region.

Based on a 5-acre site Proximity Edge 8 is especially attractive to hyperscalers, CDNs and gaming providers looking for both high quality and super-connected edge colocation facilities. Enterprises in the region will also be very well served by this outstanding facility.

Site Space

Built and accredited to the Uptime Institute Tier 3 specifications, the highly secure and resilient 63,055 sq ft facility has capacity for up to 2000 racks in three separate data halls. It has good parking facilities, office space and meeting rooms.


Proximity Edge 8 Birmingham has 6MW of IT power available with the potential to increase to 12MW. Built to tier 3 standard means that it meets the most demanding requirements of backup of power generators, UPS and cooling infrastructure.


This carrier neutral data centre is ideally located in the UK national fibre infrastructure. The facility is strategically positioned to all the major fibre networks traversing the UK including BT, ITS, Lumen, Virgin and Zayo in addition to various regional fibre providers.

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What is an Edge Data Centre

Edge data centres are designed to support applications and services by reducing latency and IP transit costs. In doing so, this improves the end user experience by processing data and services as close to them as possible.

The edge has never been more accessible or necessary for business growth. Locating at the edge is essential for businesses who want to keep pace with the rising demand for more data at higher speeds because of the rise of 5G, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud gaming and other streaming entertainment services.

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