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Proximity announces regional Internet Exchange roll out

UK – 18 January 2023: 

Proximity Data Centres, the UK’s fastest growing edge colocation data centre provider, today announced plans for the roll out of a network of regional internet exchanges across the UK and Europe. 

This initiative is the first of its kind and is in line with Proximity’s ongoing commitment to reducing latency by bringing data and services physically closer to the end users, devices and customers that need them.

From Q1 2023 the company’s newly formed Edge IX division will commence a phased build out of internet exchanges which will be based at each of Proximity’s regional colocation data centres. Currently there are 10 such facilities strategically located to conurbations and cities in the North, North West, Midlands, Thames Valley, South West and South Wales. Further data centres equipped with exchanges will be added to the portfolio during 2023 as the company continues to expand to be within reach of 95% of the UK population.  

“Solving latency and data transit challenges are high priorities for Proximity and our growing portfolio of customers, especially those developing virtual reality, gaming and IoT services,” said John Hall, Managing Director-Colocation, Proximity Data Centres. “The wider availability of regional internet exchanges will enable the lowest latency possible for demanding edge computing applications and services including those for gaming, healthcare, manufacturing and smart cities, while also offering a more efficient and cost-effective solution for the backhauling of rapidly growing data volumes.”   

He added: “Internet exchanges in the UK have been successful in supporting the development of the digital economy but the increasing demands of low latency bandwidth-hungry applications requires a new approach, complementing the existing infrastructure model. The proliferation of edge data centres and internet exchanges will play a vital role in regional economic development. The availability of these resources at a local level will support digital businesses, regional tech hubs and bring significant economic growth to the regions. These will in turn bring new opportunities to the benefit of local communities.”

Proximity announces Birmingham’s first Regional Internet Exchange        

UK – 25 April 2023: 

Proximity Data Centres, the UK’s fastest growing edge colocation data centre provider, today announced IX Birmingham, the first regional internet exchange in the heart of the West Midlands.

Securely located at Proximity’s Birmingham Edge 8 tier 3 data centre, IX Birmingham will allow businesses across the city and local region to have access to higher-speed, lower latency connectivity options by eliminating the need to route all their data via exchanges in London and Manchester – local data stays local while other data can be accessed through traditional centralised internet exchanges.

Raj Mack, Head of Digital City and Innovation said,

“I have long pushed for the establishment of an Internet Exchange in Birmingham, recognising that it is a key component of the digital infrastructure that our businesses need to create and accelerate new products and services. The IX Birmingham will greatly enhance the capability of the City as a leading international digital city and its reputation as Digital Birmingham.”  

Peter Bishop, Director for Digital and Customer Services at Birmingham City Council added:

“The Council welcomes this exciting initiative which is line with our vision for creating new innovative opportunities that maximise the use of digital technologies and the skills and capabilities of our citizens and local businesses. Working closely with Proximity’s Edge IX division we aim to ensure digital businesses including those in the creative, healthcare and manufacturing industries are no longer disadvantaged by the absence of an internet exchange on their doorstep.”

Tobias Hooten, Managing Director of Iconic Networks, a founding member of IX Birmingham said,

“The arrival of IX Birmingham is not only good news for businesses based in the city and wider region, it also allows local altnets and ISPs to benefit from lower cost data transit when backhauling rapidly growing data volumes. We are delighted to be a founder member and look forward to being a part of stimulating the local digital economy.”

Sean Lowry, CTO, Glide Networks said,

“Glide’s lowest latency partnership at Proximity’s Edge IX demonstrates our commitment to innovation across Birmingham and our wider UK fibre city rollout.”

Commented John Hall, Managing Director-Colocation, Proximity Data Centres,

“We selected Birmingham as our first Edge IX location as the region’s digital community has remained underserved when it comes to the lowest latency solutions possible for sending or receiving data. We are looking forward to delivering similar benefits to other regions of the UK and Europe during this year and in 2024.”

IX Birmingham is aligned with Proximity’s strategy of rolling out a network of regional internet exchanges within its data centres across the UK and Europe. Currently there are 10 Proximity edge data centres in the UK, strategically located to conurbations and cities in the North, North West, Midlands, Thames Valley, South West and South Wales.

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