New Tech Roles for the West Mids

Birmingham’s Digital Renaissance: A Strategic Move Towards the Future

As Birmingham and the West Midlands position themselves at the forefront of the UK’s technology sector, we are witnessing a remarkable period of growth and opportunity. The coming years will be instrumental, not only in the expansion of the tech ecosystem but also in solidifying Birmingham’s reputation as a premier hub for technological advancement.

A Confluence of Opportunity at Birmingham Tech Week
During the illustrious Birmingham Tech Week, the West Midlands Growth Company showcased significant advancements, announcing multiple partnerships and investments that will fuel the region’s tech drive:

  • Version 1: Committed to deepening its roots in Birmingham, Version 1 is set to unveil a state-of-the-art tech hub in the city centre. This monumental move is accompanied by the creation of 500 jobs and the establishment of two academies, aiming to foster tech expertise among the local workforce.
  • Novocomms Group: Emphasizing the future of smart cities, Novocomms has pledged to introduce 300 new roles to support its innovative smart city services initiative.
  • Petalite: Capitalizing on the sustainable mobility movement, Petalite is set to expand its Birmingham team with 100 specialized roles in engineering and business operations by 2026.

International Collaborations Enhancing the Tech Landscape
Birmingham’s growth isn’t just domestic; it’s capturing global attention:

  • Aubay Group: The renowned French IT conglomerate has ambitious plans to augment its Solihull team with an additional 100 professionals.
  • Primacy: Singapore’s leading regtech company is fostering a promising partnership with the University of Birmingham. Their joint endeavour aims to establish an ESG Centre of Excellence, supplemented by the creation of 30 new roles in the region.

West Midlands’ Ascending Tech Status
Recent valuations position the West Midlands tech sector at an impressive £15.3bn, employing 144,000 individuals. A report from techUK further bolsters this sentiment, ranking the West Midlands fifth in the UK for digital gross value added (GVA) and fourth for its robust regional digital ecosystem.

An Evolving Ecosystem
The region’s tech landscape received a substantial boost with TechWM, a non-profit startup advocacy group, announcing £1m in dedicated support for scaling initiatives. This initiative underscores the region’s commitment to fostering an environment conducive to tech innovations and startups.

A Call to Action
Birmingham’s unfolding digital narrative invites investors and stakeholders to be part of a transformative journey. With unparalleled growth, strategic collaborations, and a progressive ecosystem, Birmingham extends an open invitation to those eager to shape the future of technology.

Join us in propelling Birmingham to new heights, championing innovation and driving investment in the heart of the UK.